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Meet Karin
Lost 19kg and 78cm. As a child I had always been on the chubby side and I was addicted to[...]
Meet Marie Mc
Lost 8kg and 35.5cm. After losing my husband Antony almost 3 years ago, I was lost.  I was devastated when[...]
Meet Lois
Lost 10.6kg and 33cm. For many years I have had various health problems including inflammation in my back and I[...]
Meet Simone
Lost 8kg and 29cm. Before coming to Healthy Inspirations, I felt sluggish, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin. At[...]

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Frustrated by hard-to-move weight?

"I'm eating like I always have but I'm putting on weight!  I don't get it."

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Salads don't need to be dull!

100 program-appropriate salad ideas to keep you on track.

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Alcohol affects every woman's body differently. How does it affect yours?

Our female fitness and weight loss members come from Sale, Rosedale,, Nambrok, Tinamba West, Tinamba, Maffra, Stratford, Perry Bridge, Airly, Bundalaguah, Myrtlebank, Fulham, Nambrok, Kilmany, Pearsondale, Wurruk, Dutson, Dutson Downs, Seaspray, Stradbroke and surrounding areas.