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    Step 1.  Personal coaching

    Knowing what to do is different to actually doing it; the difference often lies in the level of expertise available to help you.

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    Step 2.  Custom eating plan

    One diet doesn't suit all, so we help you discover the foods and amounts that work best for your body.

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    Step 3.  Fun 30 minute exercise

    Whether you're an experienced exerciser or a novice, our equipment is easy to use, adjustable to any fitness level, and effective.

Sure, you can lose weight on your own, but why do things the hard way?  Reduce the "trial and error". Let us help you determine the right strategy for your body.


Many people try exercise alone or diet alone to solve their weight problems, but it's the combination of both, together with expert coaching and support, that makes the Healthy Inspirations programs so successful for women of all ages.

Our trained staff understand your concerns and many have been through their own weight loss journeys. 

Our exercise circuit is available at your convenience throughout the day. For those who prefer exercising in a structured group, just check the timetable and select the class and time that suits you.

Real women and real results

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How we can help you

What we do best

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    A program can only be truly personalised if your individual needs and concerns are addressed. We sit down with you, one-on-one, to discuss your progress and challenges, and together we work out a plan of action that helps you achieve your goals.

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    You come to us or we come to you. Corporate packages are flexible according to the needs of your business, and can include just nutrition and coaching at your business, or we can add exercise if you come to us. Contact us to discuss options.

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    Between-meal snacks are included in the nutrition program, providing additional nutrition and helping you to stay ahead of hunger. This makes losing weight easier and so much more enjoyable than the old model of 'diet deprivation'.


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    We Opened

  • 1,053

    Local Women Helped

  • 15,605

    Kilos Lost


What our members are saying about us

  • team

    Tahlia B 

    Lost 16kg and 72cm
    Image isn’t everything. It’s about feeling better about yourself – and it’s never too late or too early to start.
  • team

    Kylie R

    Lost 20.1kg and 103cm
    I loved being part of a community of women, staff and members alike, who inspired me in their strength and dedication to creating vibrant transformation. If I’m honest, I also loved receiving compliments from people who recognised my process of change, and decided they wanted to do the same for themselves.
  • team

    Cheryle S

    Lost 20.6kg and 69.5cm
    It’s the best money I have ever spent. What price can you put on health and happiness?
  • team

    Lisa W

    Lost 23.9kg and 88.5cm
    The best thing I’ve done is to join Healthy Inspirations and take care of myself.  I feel the best I've ever felt!  The staff are so supportive, it's what you need to succeed.
  • team

    Jeanette W 

    Lost 45.4kg and 156cm
    From the very first day I came through the doors at Healthy Inspirations I was made to feel welcome. The Health Coaches are marvellous.  They give you so much help and encouragement, which you don't get everywhere. The personal touch really makes a difference.

"Why do we do this?  To help women build rituals into their day to keep them on course to achieving their goals. ”

Klara Payne
Healthy Inspirations Maitland


Ready and willing to help

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    Owner / Manager

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    Health Coach

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    Health Coach

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    Health Coach

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    Health Coach


Select the program to suit your goals

  • Just Fitness

    Keep Fit

    30 minute fitness

    + Develop strength and cardio in the one session - the perfect strategy for busy women.

    + Easy to adjust machines adapt to your fitness level.

    + Fun and accepting environment with like-minded women.

    Get 5 Days for $5
  • Weight Loss

    Personal Coaching

    coaching success

    + Health Coaches help you determine the right eating pattern for your body.

    + Nutrient-dense eating plans help you lose weight without hunger.

    + Family-friendly meals so that everyone benefits.

    Get 5 Days for $5
  • The Lot!

    Best Value

    fitness + weight loss

    + Most people find the combination of diet and exercise provides the best results.

    + Develop eating and exercise habits to last a lifetime.

    + Improve health, wellness, fitness and weight.

    Get 5 Days for $5


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