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"I regularly wear my kids out now and I love that I have more energy than in my 20s."

Dallas - Lost 21.9kg and 39.5cm

We'll help you - just as we've helped other women - find time to discover your amazing self.

Does everyone else come first, with your needs pushed to the back-burner? We understand that, like most women, you lead a busy life and finding time for yourself can be hard. As little as 1-2 hours every week can be all it takes to make a huge difference in your life.

As each woman's body is different, your exact program and the speed of your progress will be individual. We support you in developing the eating and exercise patterns to suit you, your body and your lifestyle. Best of all, the supportive, women-only environment - a 'sisterhood', if you like - makes coming in to the centre something to look forward to.​

Meet Simone, Holly, Billie and Loretta.

These excellent women are part of our community of 11,000+ women who are being supported to achieve and maintain their weight loss goals.  Get to know them by reading their stories, and let their struggles and success inspire you.

Meet Simone
Lost 8kg and 29cm. Before coming to Healthy Inspirations, I felt sluggish, tired and uncomfortable in my own skin. At[...]
Meet Holly
Lost 30.5kg and 111.5cm. I started this journey in February 2014 after overcoming one of the worst relapses since being[...]
Meet Billie
Lost 26.4kgs. 2014 was a tough year for me, after tragically losing both my sister and brother in February and[...]
Meet Loretta
Lost 43kg and 142.5cm. I saw an ad for Healthy Inspirations in the paper and thought “What the heck, I’ve[...]

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Jenny before and after

Frustrated by hard-to-move weight?

"I'm eating like I always have but I'm putting on weight!  I don't get it."

Jenny before and after

Salads don't need to be dull!

100 program-appropriate salad ideas to keep you on track.

Jenny before and after

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Alcohol affects every woman's body differently. How does it affect yours?

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